Our Services

Project Management

When you choose to engage us for your flooring installation we will assign you a Project Manager. Thats a real person, with a mobile and email adress who you can contact when you need to.


We work directly with all the UK Manufacturers of soft floor coverings. This means that we can offer, without predjudice the best possible solution to suit your project designs and budget.



We specialise in the following services

  • Supply and installation of Soft Floor Coverings, Rubber, Carpet and Vinyl Finishes.
  • Sub Floor Preperation, including Latex, Damp Proof Membrane, Shotblasting and building up levels.
  • Protection of finished Works
  • Free samples of Floor Coverings and unrivalled design advice.
  • Free moisture tests and damp proof assessment


This list is by no means exhaustative, but our core business is carpets and vinyl - we know this and we do it well


We use only directly employed, CSCS Registered fitters whom undergo the strictest vetting procedures. Our employees enjoy a strict training programme, whatever their level to ensure that they continuely strive towards achieveing personal excellence.

Estimating and Budgets

We at Express pride ourselves on our IT Infrastructure. We can open and plot (using our in house printers) any number of Autocad, PLT and PDF Files. We can recieve, take off and cost a project without printing a single peice of paper. Our staff are also trained in most of the latest Online Colaboration systems including BIW, Causeway, 4Projects and Buzzsaw.